DUI Lawyer Brampton

DUI Lawyer Brampton

DUI Charges Create a World of Turmoil.You Need to Protect Your Rights and Interests.Contact an Impaired Driving Lawyer Brampton Immediately.

RGZ Legal is an established law firm specializing in DUI cases.Our DUI lawyers Brampton understand the law and have unique insight and perspective to prepare gripping defences for the maximum chances of an acquittal.

A drunk driving charge is a serious offence.If convicted, you will have a criminal record, which will follow you for years to come.You need to protect your rights and interests.Don’t plead guilty.Speak with a DUI lawyer Brampton immediately.

RGZ Legal represents clients at the Brampton Courthouse located at 7750 Hurontario Street Brampton, Ontario L6V 3W6.Call 416-873-6970 to schedule an appointment for a consultation today.

The Harness of a DUI Conviction

Driving while impaired refers to operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.The crime is a serious charge in Canada and one that will lead to harsh punishments.

If convicted…

  • You will have a criminal record
  • Face possible jail time
  • Lose your license
  • And, other related punishments

The stigma will follow you for years and can interfere in both your personal and professional life.Employers and potential employers can access your record, travel to foreign countries may be restricted and other possible negative consequences.It is a lengthy punishment with harsh realities that have a dramatic impact on a life.

Our Impaired Driving Lawyers Brampton

Our impaired driving lawyers Brampton understand the serious consequences of a DUI conviction.We have years of experience in fighting DUI cases.With specialized knowledge of the law, we know how to fight the criminal charge of a DUI. There are many considerations that influence the likeliness of an acquittal, as well as your sentencing.We take each into consideration, and work the law to your favour to ensure the highest chances of an acquittal.

We prepare gripping defences by examining all the evidence; we interview all potential witnesses, and request all evidence from the Crown.Our impaired driving lawyers Brampton are experienced and aggressively fight to win in the courtroom.

Get Immediate Help

Immediate help is crucial to your case.Your DUI lawyer Brampton should have plenty of time to prepare your case. Don’t plead guilty. Contact Still Driving at 416-873-6970 to speak with an impaired driving lawyer Brampton.We are on your side.