Dui Lawyer Scarborough

DUI Lawyer Scarborough

Don’t Plead Guilty. Get the Help You Need. Our Lawyers Can Help.

An impaired driving offence in Scarborough is a serious offence and should not be taken lightly. Still Driving’s team of expert impaired driving lawyers Scarborough understand the law, and specialise in impaired driving, Over 80 or Exceed, DUI, DWI, and failure to provide a breath sample offence.

Should your impaired driving charge lead to a conviction, the conviction will be a criminal offence, which can negatively impact your personal and professional life for years to follow.

You can expect…

  • Possible jail time
  • Hefty fees and fines
  • Loss of your license
  • Possible restriction from foreign countries

The saga continues with driving programs you must complete before you can have your driver’s license reinstated and the responsibility of installing an ignition Breathalyzer in your vehicle. Your conviction will be on your record and will be open to employers and potential employers. An impaired driving lawyer Scarborough is your best defence.

An Experienced Lawyer Should Not Be Delayed

If you have been charged with driving under the influence, a skilled and experienced DUI lawyer Scarborough is important. If you plead guilty, or handle your charges yourself, or hire an inexperienced impaired lawyer Scarborough, your case could be compromised, and the outcome could be disastrous. Still Driving is experienced in fighting DUI cases in the City of Toronto. Our DUI lawyers will analyze your case and discuss the best approach for the best possible. We fight with the law on our side, preparing a gripping case that offers the best chances of acquittal.

The Court’s Decision

Speaking with an impaired driving lawyer Scarborough will provide you with the possible outcomes of your case, and the likelihood of a conviction. Still Driving understands each case is different with unique circumstances, available evidence and sentencing principles.

A drunk driving conviction is serious. Your sentence will be based on various factors, including previous convictions, the amount of harm caused while behind the wheel, the amount of your blood alcohol level and various other considerations.

It is vital to know your options. Still Driving will explain your options, analyze and put together your case, and provide an aggressive defence to achieve an acquittal.